Cultural change in a media company


Initial situation

In view of the crisis in the newspaper industry a client of ours opted for fundamental restructuring. This included a new management team and a stronger strategic focus on online/mobile services, and less on the traditional newspaper business. Moreover, the business model altered, with revenues now being generated through media users rather than print advertisements.


We helped our client change from being a journalistic institution to a normal firm, which now helps shape the changes to the media world, without abandoning its quality standards.
We supported management in continually communicating this process and its necessity among the groups affected both inside and outside the firm, and thus helped it gain acceptance for the new strategic orientation.


The change process was successful. The vast majority of employees supports the new strategy. The firm is still recognized for its quality journalism and simultaneously respected for having responded so consistently to the changes in the business. Moreover, reader numbers are on the increase again following a decade of losses.