Many roads lead to Rome.
You have to know
if you really want to go there.

Change is the motor of the economy. You cannot avoid it. But you have a choice: Do you just let it happen, or do you shape it and advance it?

Anyone who opts for the latter must appreciate that changes need a goal and direction. Only if you know where you want to go will you actually get there.

Changes demand at least as much care as decisiveness. What is more: Beware of hollow words: Naturally, companies need to prepare for and adapt to developments such as digitization, Industry 4.0 or globalization. That said, in doing so they should not neglect considering how these developments can be put to positive use for their own firm, or what their potential dangers are.

A corporation’s appreciation of its current position is just as important as its future destination. A fair number of entrepreneurs – and an even greater number of managers – have destroyed value out of a sense of euphoria for change, because they failed to consider their tradition and build on their strengths.

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  • Defining change goals and developing change strategies
  • Encouraging stakeholder groups to follow
  • Causing behavioral changes

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