Those who take communication lightly should not be surprised
if they are not understood.


The dynamism of markets and global competition at the beginning of the 21st century is a real challenge for any entrepreneur. That leaves little time for communications, but that is a great mistake.

Never before were communications patterns and communications expectations as omnipresent as today. Management, employees, clients or capital markets: everyone communicates, and everyone communicates with everyone else. Thanks to the platforms provided by the electronic media. And with decisive consequences for companies. Whereas previously it was enough to have a half-yearly staff meeting, an annual press conference and issue a regular customer newsletter to reach and keep the most important target groups, today regular communications has become management’s most important task. And communications is no longer simply information, but a dialog: It is about communicating and convincing. Anyone who fails to communicate continually will not be noticed in the battle for attention and will lose customers.

Simultaneously, greater demands are placed on the professionalism of corporate communications today. Anyone who hammers out messages, or implements and employs communication tools without a concept often achieves the exact opposite of what is wanted.

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