Advising means
understanding, listening
and knowing what to do.


brandchance advises SMEs and the portfolio firms of private equity funds in change management, marketing and communication.

Through our consultancy services we support our clients in boosting turnover and profit, and successfully coping with change and crisis situations.

All our team members have acquired a wealth of pragmatic methodological expertise in large international companies or renowned agencies, and developed a keen sense for what is feasible.

Good advice is often too expensive.
After all, advice is only worth the money if the suggestions made can be put into practice. Good ideas are worthless if they are not accepted by management, employees, customers and suppliers, meaning that they cannot be implemented.

We do not claim to be smarter than other consultants – nor would we claim to be more intelligent than our own clients. But we do have decades of practice in shaping change processes and achieving results. After all, we know what is possible and what is not. You could simply call this: experience.

As we ourselves are entrepreneurs there is little we respect more than an entrepreneurial mind-set.