You can’t make a racehorse
out of an Ardennais –
but it might make a good warhorse.


Naturally, theories can be valuable. But seldom in entrepreneurial reality. Which is why we have defined pragmatism as our most important maxim. And for us that means first of all being guided by the business. But even pragmatism requires a specific method. Ours is called straightegy®.

A key condition for sustainable profitable growth is striking a balance between continuity and change. Successful firms have distinct values, technologies, products and processes. Indeed, the latter make up their business.
However, occasionally such corporations have to change or reposition themselves because markets change, technologies become more advanced, and new products are possible. Or because changes in overall operating conditions require different forms of collaboration within companies, but also with a customer’s suppliers and other external target groups.
In each case, the crucial art is to exploit a firm’s individual position straddling continuity and change productively.

This is why we begin any project by carefully analyzing our clients before deciding together what should remain and what must be changed. We do not attempt to force-fit things that do not fit, but rather to create customer benefit based on traditions. The result is credibility – as a basis for strong brands with an excellent reputation and sustainable business success.