Change for the purpose of change changes nothing.

Many roads lead to Rome. But you should consider whether you want to go there.


Range of services

Defining the trans­formation strategy

  • We develop transformation strategies with and for our clients.
  • We help them to clearly define their transformation goals and analyze their initial situation.
  • We show them ways to achieve their transformation goals and evalu­ate them in terms of speed and efficiency.

Strategy imple­mentation

  • We translate strategy documents into understandable, motivating lan­guage (analog and digital) tailored to all stakeholder groups.
  • We develop and implement targeted roll-out plans.
  • We design and organize formats for communicating the strategy.
  • We evaluate whether stakeholders have the necessary skills to imple­ment the strategy and train them as needed.
  • We train managers to communicate new strategies to internal and ex­ternal stakeholders.
  • We measure the acceptance of the strategy even before its impact on the P&L to enable course corrections.
Organizational de­velopment

  • We conceive and implement organizational structures that corre­spond to the transformation goals.
  • We design or optimize workflows so that change can be implemented.
Purpose, mission, values, leader­ship, and culture 

  • Together with the owners, managers, and employees, we develop pur­pose and mission statements aimed at fostering sustainable leader­ship cultures and corporate cultures
  • We ensure making these fundamental principles tangible.


  • We create a consistent, comprehensible storyline based on the customer’s change agenda.
  • We define the internal and external target groups and adapt the change story to their specific needs.
  • We translate the change story into different formats – from 280 Twitter char­acters to texts and presentations to audio and video for­mats.
  • In line with the corporate strategy, we develop and conduct a drama­turgy of how the story will evolve during the change process.

Communication training

  • Jointly with our customers, we define a communication culture de­rived from the company’s management culture.
  • We train managers in 360° communication.
  • We accompany the executives on important communication occa­sions, pre­pare them accordingly and create speeches and presenta­tions.
  • We coach the company’s key ambassadors in their communication be­havior.
  • We systematically gather feedback from external and internal stake­holders to facilitate change controlling.

Leadership and employee com­mu­nication events

  • We develop live communication formats (of course also digital) ac­cording to the customer’s needs and carry them out.
  • We prepare the content and organization of these events
  • We implement them in the change agenda.

Mass communication

  • We develop and implement content for communication formats such as:
    • Newsletters and blogs
    • Internet/Intranet
    • Internal social media
    • Audio and video
    • Business media and trade press
  • We empower clients’ communications teams through training and/or re­cruiting.

Leadership and team coaching

We apply customized coaching approaches to individual leaders and teams based on the transformation agenda at hand.