Solutions don’t come by themselves, they need to be thought up.


You can only implement what you teach.

A successful transformation starts with a clear idea of where the journey is to go and where it begins. Then the path must be defined on which the goal can be achieved most quickly and ef­ficiently. The organi­zation and corporate processes must be designed to match the target pic­ture. Finally, managers and em­ployees must be empowered for the transformation.

A crucial step in designing corporate transformation processes is to achieve understanding, ac­ceptance and enthusiasm among executives and employees as well as external stakeholders. Conviction must be­come motivation and the ability to actively shape change.

We see ourselves as a strategic transformation consultancy that supports its clients in de­fining the goal and path of change, creating acceptance, and developing organizations and their members. We accompany change until it has become irreversible.

Solutions for our day’s transformation challenges


New strategies

Strategy changes lead to uncertainty and often to rejection by internal and exter­nal stakeholders. We support our customers in transforming un­certainty into con­fidence and rejection into participation.

Digital transformation

The increasing digitization of business models and workflows is the key to future competitiveness for many industries. We help to design, understand, embrace, and implement digital business models and processes.

Organizational change

Well-structured organizations and work processes create clarity, define bounda­ries and make transformation processes controllable. We advise our clients on or­ganizational development and support them in intro­ducing new organizational setups.

Change of leadership

The first 100 days are often critical for new leaders. We help them with on­boarding and aligning their teams quickly.


M&A activities are constantly increasing in our dynamic economic environ­ment. We support integrating acquisitions, merging seamlessly or familiar­izing manage­ment teams and employees with new ownership.

New Work

The changed value system of the younger generations – for example re­garding sustainability, diversity or work-life balance – requires new work­ing models. We support entrepreneurs in using these new working models as an opportunity and implementing them successfully.